Encouraging Liberian soccer referees has always been his advocacy and with his appointment on the Referees Committee of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Idrissa Kaba cannot be stopped.

And with three of his referees, Abraham B. Fahnbullah, Sekou S. Kanneh and Hassan Corneh, expected to leave Liberia for Cairo, Egypt to attend the elite ‘A’ referee’s course, June 1-5, Kaba continued his support to many of his referees when they watched a video presentation of their vocation.

They will be part of 34 from 20 countries on the continent for the 5-day course. The three will now join referees Jerry Yekeh, Isaac Montgomery and George Rogers and assistant referees Elisha Johnson and Johnson Gbartea as Liberia’s FIFA Badge-men of the Knights.

“I am learning new things anytime I watch these videos released to improve referees’ understanding of the laws of the game and how to assist your colleagues on assignment,” Kaba said.

Referees at yesterday program, held at the Liberia Football Association (LFA), paid rapt attention as Kaba further explained a video presentation on the collaboration between the center referee and his linesmen.

It is reported that Liberian referees are among the best on the continent, due to a legacy left by those who came before the current members of the Liberia referees committee. Liberia’s chief referee is Lamine Kamara.

And Kaba thinks they now have challenging opportunities to make their marks on the continent’s football development. And it would be commendable if the performance of local teams in continental competitions mirrors the improvement of Liberian referees in the discharge of their duties.

“We are gradually getting there,” admitted Kaba on the future of Liberian soccer referees. “My boys are determined and with our encouragement Liberia will play a major part in soccer development on the continent.”

Another area that needs focus is the Liberian Coaches Association; its president Francis Tamba, also CAF Education Officer, believes that progress may be slow in that area, but he believes that Liberian coaches are doing their best with the available remuneration to their work.

“Motivation and other support are essential to coaches making a great difference in their jobs,” he said yesterday in an interview for this article.

Tamba said if coaches are paid well, they would not worry about many things and concentrate on their job as coaches; and if success is not forthcoming they could then be criticized.

But for now, he said the coaches are doing their part and the players are also doing their best.

Mr. Kaba was recently appointed as a member of the seven-man CAF Referees Committee, responsible to assign referees to handle West Africa Football Union (WAFU) matches.


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