Ace king of soccer George Weah. How come a nation that could develop this star is unable to beat lowly Mauritania and unknown Zimbabwe?

By Josiah N. Johnson, veteran coach

Liberian football is having a tough time and this is because there has not been adequate support in the budget to prepare the team for continental assignments.

Last Sunday’s defeat of the home-based national team against Mauritania (2-0) has reminded me what I suggested to the Lower House and the Senate nearly two weeks ago.

I appealed to both Houses to consider an amount of US$1 million for both national teams, the one with foreign-based players and the one with local players, along with the U-20, U-17, and U-14.

There are also the female national team and clubs that represent Liberia in continental championships.To build a winning team demands money and I am convinced that we, Liberians, want our teams to represent us in prestigious tournaments well prepared, and this demands money. We should not be satisfied when our teams lose at home when they are expected to win. And the solution to that is providing adequate funding, like other nations do, to prepare to win.

Let me make it clear that the Liberia Football Association does not have money to support the national team. It is the job of the government. It is true that the world football governing body, FIFA, provides financial support to the LFA. That support is not to support the national team. The money is used to develop other LFA activities, including the national league, women football development, etc.

Therefore, I am appealing to members of the National Legislature to consider putting an amount of US$1 million to be managed for the development of the national team, Lone Star, including training to at least Brazil for the 2019 African Cup of Nations.

Our next match is against DR Congo in March 2018 at home and we should not just sit there but we must do something in line with my suggestion to prepare for the match.

Enough is enough and our people should provide the funds needed so that we can better prepare our boys for future competitions.


  1. Our officials are so dull that they will see reality for possible development and ignore it, because it is well spend. Those bastards are so corrupt that a child knows it.


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