James Doe AGM Whips Caldwell Road AGM in Kickball


James Doe Young Assembly of God Mission yesterday whipped Caldwell Road Assembly of God 12-2 in kickball at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.

It was part of the on-going Inter-School Sports Association League.

James Doe Young AGM dominated the game and their opponents could not match their kicking skills.

With Captain Jestina Mensah on top of her game, victory for her side went the way the Clara Town girls had planned it.

Some of the players featured were Precious Swen, Esther Wolobah, Florence Amoah, Mozetta Zina, and Jestina Mensah.

In football, James D. Young defeated Caldwell Road AGM 3-0.

Leo Goll opened the scoring with two goals in the first half. He scored the first after dribbling the ball pass three defenders and the second goal with an assist from Dennis Wesseh.

The third goal in the second

half through Sekou Kamara.

The victorious team’s players included Doryen Toe, Mohammed H. Kamara, Friday Weah, Dennis Wesseh, Sekou K. Kamara, and Henry Weah.

The rest were Amara Kiawen, Charles Tarty, Terry Sackor, Patrick P. Joe, and Benedict K. Pah.


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