Interim Body Must Now Run Liberia Basketball Association

Youth & Sports Minister Eugene Nagbe.jpg
Outgoing president of Mighty Barrole, Eugene Nagbe

Life is dynamic and when one opportunity is missed another is open and when that happens it must be used to benefit what should have been to build consensus and set matters straight.

That is the situation facing the current leadership of the Liberia Basketball Association and stakeholders who are known as the aggrieved. The tussle over the leadership has reached the corridors of the Civil Law Court and every sensible person knows that it will be a long journey.

Ok the two groups must now have their day in court and the issue now is this: while they are hammering each other in the court of law, and since the two groups are contesting for many reasons necessary to move basketball forward which is their right to do so, their actions should not prevent the progress of basketball.

In simple arithmetic what the Ministry of Youth & Sports and the Liberia National Olympic Committee ought to be thinking about doing and must think about doing is to encourage the formation of an interim administration to get the players and the clubs playing again.

It is not in good taste for the game to be held to ransom while the crisis is yet to be settled. Basketball players or the game itself has faced considerable difficulties before, during and after the Ebola crisis.

The Ministry of Youth & Sports, I understand is party to the current legal crisis and therefore it will make sense to even leave the ministry out. And if that is the case then the onus is on the LNOC to assemble the rest of the presidents and their clubs put into place an administration to handle the affairs of basketball.

It has been stated by some wise men that a nation whose leaders are without vision results to the suffering of the people. The LNOC must urgently call an emergency meeting with the intent to organize an interim administration to supervise the smooth running of the game.

While we are all in sympathy with the reasons that Rufus Anderson’s administration and the stakeholders have decided to use legal means to get things straitening up, the game must go on. Yes, let’s play ball.

This suggestion comes since the recent injunction is mainly on the forthcoming elections and congress of the LBA leadership and not about the game itself.

And while awaiting the outcome of the court proceedings, basketball could move forward, get many of our players, both males and females into action and help the fans back on the court.


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