Inmates, Correction Officers in a Draw

Correction officers with MOJ Assistant Minister with the captain ban

Inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison over the weekend settled to a goalless draw against Correction Officers in the ongoing inter-prison bloc soccer tournament at the South Beach sports pitch in Monrovia.

Junior Roberts, who was the inmates’ top striker, made several attempts to get the ball behind the goalkeeper of Prison Officers but the opponents could not be intimidated to lose the match and they fought back to maintain their honor.

Both teams displayed good passes with skillful inter-positional control of the ball that delighted spectators on the pitch.

The tournament, which began on Tuesday, March 8, brought relief to the inmates because the players had the chance to enjoy each other’s company and to united on the soccer field.

Inmates’ top striker Roberts said at the end of the game, “It was an exciting game and I enjoyed being part of it. I want to thank the Ministry of Justice for introducing this tournament, it means a lot to us.”

Boakai Kamara, another inmate, said: “It is a great feeling going against Correction Officers in a game. I admired the game very much.” Kamara said he, along with some of his colleagues, were sentenced from five to 10 years. However he felt the game was good for them.

Eddie S. Tarawali, Assistant Justice Minister for Correction, said the game is meant to reduce the inmates’ stress level and promised that the program will be replicated to all prison facilities in the country.



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