Injunction Retrains Anderson, Others to Run Basketball


On Tuesday, April 5, a ‘Writ of Injunction and Temporary Restraining Order’ was issued thru and by Judge Peter W. Gbenewele of the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court.

The Writ was served to the Liberia Basketball Association (LBA) by and thru its President Rufus Anderson and his officials (Respondents) and League.

The “Respondents” have been ordered restrained, enjoined, refrained and prohibited from conducting themselves as officials of the LBA and from holding and conducting the LBA league 2016/2017.

The petitioners complained that the LBA (respondent) secretly held a congress and elections on October 24, 2015 after the court lifted its injunction on October 22, 2015 without informing the petitioners in keeping with the by-laws and constitution of the LBA.

Petitioners said the elections that brought Anderson to power were illegal, held under secrecy and against the constitution because it didn’t include them as major stakeholders.

The petitioners stated that the election was not free, fair and transparent and the Liberia National Olympic Committee has refused to recognize and do business with the respondents.

Petitioners also said the LBA has commenced the LBF basketball league for the 2016/2017 season and if they are not restrained from carrying out the league, moneys collected from the games will not be accounted for.

The petitioners were legally represented by and thru the Law Offices of Sayeh and Sayeh.

The Court ordered its clerk, Madam Ellen Hall to notify the respondents to file their resistance on or before the 10th of April AD 2016.

The latest action made it over 18 months, since key basketball stakeholders have been differing over alleged violation of the constitution and financial misapplication which has grounded basketball activities.

The “Power Struggle” in basketball has resulted to protests, insults, bloody fights and closure of the Liberia Basketball Association (LBA).

Last year, the aggrieved party, which is represented by Calvin Diggs of Flames, Malcolm Joseph of Cestos Mogars and Ali Sillah of D-Rock and others, filed a temporary restraining order in the Civil Law Court, against the LBA, represented by President Anderson.

That injunction stopped the LBA from holding elections which were lifted on October 22, and elections held on October 24, without, as it is reported, involving contending parties.


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