How Could LISCR FC Suffer Such Disaster?

Champion Club LISCR FC: Are the odds against them on Dec. 5?

Losing 4-0 means Dec. 5 will demand more efforts against USM Bel Abbes in Monrovia

Champion club LISCR FC may have been worried about conceding 4-0 in their first leg encounter in Algeria against USM Bel Abbes in their Confederation Cup preliminary rounds.

The loss comes on the heels of the national team, Lone Star’s improved performance against The Warriors of Zimbabwe.

With the 4-0 humiliation, LISCR FC now have the challenge to perform and not only win but win at least 5-0 in the return leg in Monrovia set for Dec. 5, at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.

Do LISFC FC have the record and the men to score 5-0 against USM Bel Abbes? It would appear that for LISCR FC players to imagine such a feat would sink their hearts. Why?

Where were their defenders when the Algerians launched their soccer armada to secure such an incredible score? What were LISCR FC’s players doing? Were they watching a game? The players know by now that they have a herculean task ahead of them. But the question is: can they score 5-0 to cancel the Algerians’ lead?

And if they think they are unable to perform such a defeat, they, of course, losing such courage could mean one thing: failure. But can the players afford to fail, just like that?

For example, if the Algerians could score 4-0 before their home fans, can LISCR FC perform such a feat and win handsomely on Dec. 5 and also before their homes fans at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium?

It does seem a likely event to assume that since the Algerians won massively at home, their Liberian counters could do the same. But why not? The answer is it could be possible if LISCR FC have a history of coming back from behind to win and if LISCR FC have the men to do the job.

Do they?

While I don’t ride in an illusion to feel good about what LISCR FC could do on Dec. 5 in Monrovia, the fact that they allowed themselves to concede such a large margin suggests that their campaign for the CAF Confederation Tournament may be over.

And whether there is a chance for LISCR FC after Dec. 5 or not, we must call spade a spade. LISCR FC’s technical team may be worried about their chances, the fact that the team failed to suffer a lower margin make their whole objective of the campaign unrealistic.

The sad part is that LISCR FC have participated in such a competitive tournament before. They should have sought the services of good players either at home or in neighboring countries. If you want to win, then you must do all that is possible to get players to win.

While the 4-0 humiliation is painful, I am hoping that on Dec. 5, LISCR FC would have recovered from the nightmare of August 27 to play their hearts out in a competition that there is more to do to win.

But again when playing against a well-prepared team, you don’t only lose, but you lose big. I will wait for the answer on Dec. 5. Can LISCR FC make it?


  1. I don’t think they will score 5 goals past the Algerian team,especially after your Country Liberia embarassed us (Zimbabwe).

    • You look for your own embarrassment…you think you can just walk easily like that? Come December 5, we will show them ”kayon paper”.

  2. CAF shows such an ignorant level of indifference when it comes to North African teams and their outright cheating. That first goal was not a penalty. The defender got all ball and did not even touch that man. Yet the ref was so quick to call for a penalty. His stupid decision drastically changed the composition of the game. I’m not saying that Liscr would not have lost if the fake penalty was not given to their opponents, but I can safely say that the scoreline wouldn’t have been that huge. The fact that Liscr did not conceed until the fake penalty was awarded in the 23 minutes coupled with the next goal been scored around the hour marked shows that this game was very competitive until the ref decided to award that penalty to help the North Africans out. This issues of North Africans been given preference over Subsahara Africans in football games has been around since the beginning of time and it’s does not just undermine the beautiful game in Africa, it’s a complete disgrace to African football. For instance, of the 5 five world cups slots allocated for Africa, North African countries always take at least two of those slots. However, these countries rarely make it out of the first round not mention making it to the quarter finals. They are allowed to cheat in Africa but on the world stage, their weakness shows.

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