Help Needed for Natu Wolo

Sponsor Doc Lawson and Master Wolo at the Mandela Field near New Kru Town

A member of the New Kru Town U12 All Stars, Natu Wolo, many fans said last Saturday at the Mandela Field, proved that he has football sense.

Wolo led his side to defeat their West Point counterparts 4-1, scoring the opening goal after he turned the West Point team’s defense inside out.

“This is a star coming from the darkness,” said a soccer fan. “This kid is marvelous.”

Despite his ability on the field, Wolo faces a problem: he is not in school. And that is troubling. Fans who heard his story said it is dangerous for the boy to be armed with football skills, without an education.

Many fans aware of Liberia’s soccer past said it would not be a good idea for the kid to simply play soccer and therefore recommended an intervention.

Many past soccer players did not go to school and some are unable to seek unemployment after their soccer days were over. Some have become liabilities to society that many are frustrated to the point of death.

Wolo admitted living with his parents but noted that they are poor people. “My mother sells in the market and there is no money to send me to school,” he told the Daily Observer at the end of their 4-1 victory on Saturday.

Doc Lawson of DonamiSports, the organizer of the City Series Challenge Cup, expressed concern about the boy’s future and though he did not make a commitment, commented on the need to get help for the kid.

With a positive comment from Doc Lawson, many hoped that help could come from above.

On the field of play, Wolo demonstrated a clever talent as his control over the ball is perfect. Striker Wolo is a goal getter and he delivers when he is needed.

“He is a talented kid,” said another soccer fan. With the 4-1 victory of Wolo’s New Kru U12, they are set to travel to Gbarnga, Bong County in November to continue the City Series Challenge Cup where the winning team continues to the next round and in another city.


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