‘Happy Real Madrid Fans’ Destroy Property in New Kru Town


When Carlo Ancelotti lifted the UEFA Champions League trophy again last Saturday, some excited ‘fans’ of Real Madrid in New Kru Town went about destroying tables, chairs and seven crates of empty beer bottles at the Face-to-Face Club, where they watched the finals.

The reason: ‘Because they were happy for Real Madrid’s victory over Atletico.’

“It was not easy to contain them,” admitted one of the workers, Randolph Stevens, in an interview Sunday with the Daily Observer.

He said the ‘fans’ were so over-excited that all they wanted was to destroy anything that came their way.

“Three large tables were destroyed,” he added, “along with four chairs.”

He added that seven empty beer crates, valued at 14, 000 LRD, were also destroyed.

The Daily Observer also gathered that some individuals were slightly injured, although efforts to contact them were not successful.

Meanwhile, Mr. Alieu Tiah, who said he is the chairman of the Real Madrid Fan Club on Bushrod Island, told the Daily Observer that he regretted the incident.

“I contacted my friends who were involved in the incident,” he said, “they admitted to me that they did it and it was also because they were drunk.”

Tiah said he would engage his friends and urge them to repay the cost and appealed to his members to refrain from violent acts.

“It is not in anybody’s interest when we celebrate victory with destruction,” Tiah said, “we must behave like normal human beings when we are celebrating.”

New Kru Town resident, Elder Nat Wrawrueh, regretted the incident and called on Video Centers to set rules to govern their operations.

“They must find a way to control those who watch their football programs at their centers,” he said.

The proprietor of the FACEBOOOK Club, also in New Kru Town, showed the Daily Observer a large mark on his arm, a wound which he said was inflicted after a match two years ago.

“I’ve learned to make sure that anybody who comes to my shop and engages in any rowdy act is asked to leave,” he added.

At the local Police Depot in the borough, the Daily Observer learned that a complaint on the incident had been lodged, but the officer could not provide further details.

Video Center violence has become a new phenomenon in the country, since technology made it easier to beam football programs into video centers to benefit consumers.

It was reported that several years ago a fan was stabbed during a video center football screening argument on a match being played thousands of miles away in Europe.


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