Handball Players Prepare for Niger Trip

Some handball players who are training and hoping to be selected for the Niger trip.

Preparations by the Liberia National Handball Association (LNHA) to participate in the Zone 3 International Handball Federation (IHF) tournament in Niamey, Niger is gaining momentum, according to LNHA president, Mason Saweler.

In a telephone interview, Saweler said the training is being held at the University of Liberia training ground on Capitol Hill in Monrovia.

“We are training from 2 pm to 4 pm and the attendance is encouraging,” Saweler said. “The game is loved by many young people and that is why we are expanding the membership to cover every school in the country.”

The current training is meant to select two teams for the tournament that is slated to take place from March 25-30.

Saweler said the two teams will comprise of at least 28 players, along with their coaches and the head of the delegation.

He said while the training is encouraging, “We want to appeal to Chief Patron George Weah to help our trip to Niger.

“The International Handball Federation will provide funds for the trip to go by road but we want President Weah to help us so that we can go by air,” Saweler appealed.

He said going by road will mean that the team will go through Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and then to Niamey, Niger, which will be too much for the players.

“Our two teams will represent the country, and so with the enthusiasm for the trip we are also appealing to the Minister of Youth & Sports, Zoegar Wilson to assist us,” he stated.

Saweler said the LNHA will send a delegation to meet with Minister Wilson to seek his assistance.

He said as the training progresses, his officials have identified promising players that would make up the two-team trip to Niamey.

The Liberia National Handball Association (LNHA) is the brainchild of President Saweler, who is also a P.E. instructor at the University of Liberia.

The sport is played in elementary, junior, and senior high schools across the country and it is gradually becoming a national sport for the youth.


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