Former FIFA Center Man Seeks LFA Executive Committee Post

Former FIFA Referee Mason C. Goe seeks LFA EC membership

There are certain names in this country that are synonymous with football development and I could name several of them.

One of such names is Mason Goe, former Chief and FIFA Badge Referee who spent over 15 years as a referee as well as in the administration of the Referees Committee of Liberia.

Now he is seeking to be a member of the Executive Committee of the LFA. In a recent interaction, I asked Mr. Goe to give me a brief history of his past involvement in the Knights of the Whistle, as referees are known and he provided the following:

“I refereed on the National and International levels from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s. I am one of those referees that are credited with making discipline a hallmark to our football game. Our second batch of professional players from our country can attest to this.

“I am running to be elected as an Executive Committee member of the LFA. If I am elected, I will work with the football stakeholders in fostering harmony and peace in the Liberia Football Association.

“I will work with the leadership of the Football Association to be for the improvement of our referees, coaches, players, and equity, that is fair play will be the hallmark.”

Mason Goe spoke passionately about what “I envision to work on with my fellow EC Members and administrators which will help the improvement of the Football Association.”

He added, “I will introduce policies on our referees that will include integrity, as per FIFA and CAF circulars and avoiding match-fixing (improperly influencing the result or course of the game for advantage).”

Mr. Goe said if elected as an EC member, “I will reintroduce the Referee’s Assessor Program to evaluate our referees’ performance and guide them and also improve local instructors (Technical and Fitness) training programs.”

He said he will encourage the regularization of Sub-Committees and Sub-Associations’ referees’ training programs; work with all stakeholders and administrators to improve “our referees’ performance and standards, our coaches and players’ performance and standards.

“I will design informative programs for clubs’ coaches and administrators on new amendments to the Laws of the Game and recruit and train more female referees,” he said.

He noted that he will develop programs that comply with standard refereeing methods as established by CAF and FIFA and develop an approved, yearly work plan that will include referees’ courses, coaches’ courses, referees’ instructors’ courses, female, and young and talented referee training courses (both local and international).

Mr. Goe said he will work with stakeholders, administrators, and his fellow EC members; will ensure that referees, players and coaches’ security is paramount before, during and after games and will also ensure that medics are present at all league matches.

“We will work with the administrators to set up a working panel that will also work with the referees’ committee to review all match commissioners and referees’ reports to make recommendations for improvement,” he concluded.


  1. I hope he wins. And I also hope all former EC members will not be re-elected because they have simply not done their work. Most of them are part and parcel of the cartel that is bent on ” National Sports Capture” for political and financial gains. They use the LFA to strengthen their political positions for government jobs. We know them, and I would be surprised if anyone is surprised. My agitation is not about their political aspirations but more so their neglect of the sport itself and only for the financial gains. They provide no incentives administratively that will set a precedence for the proper management of the LFA – that’s my beef with them.


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