The Maseru Encounter

Keita and Teah Dennis in readiness for the 1-0 victory in the_web.jpg

By now the message should be clear to the senior national team players that either they get set for the Maseru Encounter with victory as their focus, or they should plan to fold their campaign in the 2015 Afcon, right after this Sunday’s encounter in Lesotho.

In a narrow 1-0 win in a match that favored the Lone Star, the players should be counting themselves unlucky for wasting begging chances that they could not utilize to advantage.

Head coach Thomas Kojo is apparently researching from his personal experience and as a coach who lived several years in South Africa to pull out some of the magic wands for his charges to use against Lesotho next Sunday.

Last Sunday’s debacle in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, with the junior national team’s defeat away from home should be a guide for the senior team.

It was true that what was expected of the team did not materialize and with a lone goal in the basket, many soccer fans are wondering if the players have realized what they failed to achieve in the first leg.

Of course, a broadcast journalist reportedly told his audience during the first leg that he received information that in Lesotho, the home team never wins in a game.

What an interesting way to encourage Liberian soccer fans! But in that reported message alone lies the failure of the broadcaster to dig out information for his listeners.

And whether Lesotho can win at home or not, what is important is for the Lone Star to be psychologically prepared to for victory.

Lone Star needs a draw of its kind to advance to join the regulars in the preliminary round, and with an effective defensive strategy the team can succeed.

One fact is that if Lone Star could score in Monrovia, then of course it goes without saying that The Crocodiles of Lesotho could also score in Maseru.

In any case, the Maseru Encounter must decide where Lone Star go next, that is whether to return home with their tales between their legs or return with tears of happiness in our eyes.

If the second option should happen, we will join together to sing, “Lone Star Forever.”


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