Quardu-Gboni Defeats Voinjama 3-2

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The Boys of Quardu-Gboni District in Lofa County has to be inspired by Liberia Maritime Commission boss, Mr. Binyan Kesselly, to come from two goals down in the first half to put three past hosts–Voinjama District.

The Voinjama boys, all dressed in their gold-colored jersey, scored two quick goals very early in the 3rd and 8th minutes, which was only played for 30 minutes — 15 minutes less of normal football time of a half.

They could have scored more goals as they pressed Quardu-Gboni boys, who, though professionally passing the ball around and among themselves, lacked the finishing touches in the first half. However, thanks to their goalkeeper, who stood tall after those two early goals, to deny the boys dressed in their gold tops.

The first half ended with the boys of the capital city of Lofa in the driver's seat.

During the 10-minute break, Mr. Kesselly, who was sitting with the VIPs, including Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, had to leave his seat to go and inspire the Quardu-Gboni boys, who were dressed in an all-over green. Mr. Kesselly forebears hailed from Nyamakamadu, a town in the Quardu-Gboni District. His grandfather, who died in 1947, was one of the men who helped Liberia maintain the district as part of its territory from the French. Nyamakamadu is on the border with the Republic of Guinea.

To cap his motivational talk with Quardu-Gboni boys, Keselly promised to give them L$25,200 (US$300) if they won the match.

Before the second half of another 30 minutes started, one of the Quardu-Gboni boys was substituted with Senator Steve Zargo.

The Senator's presence was immediately felt when he converted a penalty just after five minutes into the second half to reduce the tally 2-1. The penalty came following a brilliant from-me-to-you between numbers 9 and 10 before the ball touched the out-stretched hand of a Voinjama defender.

Senator Zargo stepped out to take the spot kick and sent the Voinjama goalkeeper the wrong way to his right as the ball entered inside the left post.

The Senator began another move again in the redeeming goal when he chested a long ball at the opponents defense before laying off a beautiful pass for his number 9 colleague, who, though pressed, succeeded in passing the number 10, who easily slotted home to level the score in the 45th minute.

As Quardu-Gboni boys gained more confidence, the third goal, which was the last nail to Voinjama boys' coffin, didn't take long to come in the 50th minute. A brilliant foot work from the left winger created more space for the number nine, who put the ball past the on-rushing goalkeeper of Voinjama.

Both teams didn't do much again for the rest of the game until the man in the center called the game off.

Before the action commenced, Vice President Boakai, in whose honor the game was held, took the kickoff. The VP, who hailed from Lofa County, is on a week-long post-Ebola tour of the six districts in the county.

After the game, he presented L$10,000 (US$120) to the winner, L$7,500 (US$90) to the loser and L$5,000 (US$60) to match officials.

The VP also gave a bale of beautiful jackets for each of the players of both teams.


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