President Cup Replay at the ATS

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The Liberia Football Association has made weird and wonderful decisions since its formation in 1936. The strangest episode in recent time is its decision in the 2015 President Cup.

Two youthful first division teams, Aries and Keitrace were drawn to play for the first time in 10 months, after the outbreak of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in which Aries lost 4-2 in a penalty shootout.

Darling Club IE also whipped traditional rivals Mighty Barrolle 2-0 at the Blue Field.

However, the field caused plenty of controversy due to its poor field quality which brought complaints from teams, particularly in the just ended Coca-Cola tournament.

Yesterday, May 20, the LFA announced the change of venue and the restart of the 2015 President Cup which begins today at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium which is still under renovation.

LFA President Musa Bility, in an official press conference nullified the results of the two previous games (Keitrace vs. Aries and IE vs. Barrolle).

Bility however apologized to the Blue Field management and BYC Football because they were not invited at the preliminary hearing, and promised to get their involvement in the investigation proper.

In today’s fixture Keitrace and Aries will play in the first match FCs at 2:00pm, while IE and Barrolle will lock horns at 4:00pm.

Aries and Keitrace have equal control of the ball from defensive turnovers and attacks; Invincible Eleven has been building an impressive force but Barrolle may have to fight against losing to their rivals.

Can IE and Keitrace win again? This is the question that would be likely in the minds of spectators.

Howbeit, cheerful football fans are expected to watch the second football tournament since the end of the Ebola Virus Disease.

Meanwhile, LPRC Oilers and Monrovia Clubs Breweries and 2nd division Small Town FC have been granted clemency by the LFA to participate in all football activities.

The trio and another 2nd division team, Mighty Dragon of Bong County, were deregistered from football activities by the First Instant Board headed by Competition Chairman Ansu Dorley.

Bility said the clemency was owing to commitments from the clubs which marked his first clemency since his election in 2010.

Mr. Bility told newsmen that the newly appointed Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company, Sumo Kupee has made a commitment to build a sports stadium for LPRC while Club Breweries management has promised to meet up with the minimal requirements of the CAF Club Licensing System.

Those clubs include, two 1st division teams, IE and Keitrace FC and 2nd division clubs Conquerors and Sesay FCs.

The eight certified 1st division teams are: BYC I, FC Fassell, Nimba United, Aries, LISCR FC, Watanga FC, Jubilee FC and NPA Anchors.

Division certified teams are: Mighty Blue Angels, Barrolle, ELWA United, Gardnersville FC, BYC II and Holder FC.


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