Prayers for Nimba United against Union Duala


The title for this article suggests God ought to be partial in the return leg soccer encounter with Union Duala FC that comes on next week in Cameroon.

The Cameroonian team defeated Nimba United FC 3-1 and therefore I am suggesting God should turn the tables around to balance the game.

Even if that is possible, it would mean that God would have to show a great deal of partiality to get my wish to come true. But, as the reader may be aware, I should know better.

Why? Is anything difficult for the Lord? It would seem too much to begin to supplicate God’s mercy in a contest that both contestants from the word go had equal chances.

I must admit Nimba United FC had equal chances like their opponents and since in sports opportunities missed hardly come back, we are left with the painful feeling that United must either fight a good fight next week in Cameroon or forget about the campaign altogether.

United Coach Benjamin Seedee of Mighty Barrolle fame told sports journalists that his side lost in such a humiliating way because of inexperience. And that is where the problem lies in the first place.

Coach Seedee is no stranger to continental football and so when his boys were picked against the Cameroonians, he knew that whether experienced or not, they were scheduled to play.

Though something must be said whenever there is a defeat, United’s performance against Union Duala was not below average.

Apart from the first 35 minutes nightmare that the Cameroonians connected to score 3-0, the Liberians called off the bluff and their opponents’ in check.

It was therefore encouraging that United managed to reduce the score with a consolation goal.

In fact it was interesting to hear the Cameroonian coach state that United did not play with a strategy, as far as he was concerned. So kicking the ball and hoping to get into the net is not the most effective strategy to use. You must play to create the goals that you want to score. This is elementary coaching and my good friend Henry Browne can hear me out.

Now playing the second leg away in Cameroon, the odds are against United, especially so since they are down 3-1. But I must confess my appreciation for the boys that even in the face of failure, when they were down by 3-0, they threw caution to the wind and played to save themselves and their honor.

It is that spirit that we will be hoping to see in their match in Cameroon. And when that happens, we will imagine that the good Lord was on our side.


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