PMS FC Captures Musason Trophy


A select side representing PMS FC yesterday captured the Musason Trophy in a friendly soccer match at the Unity Conference Center sports pitch.

PMS FC defeated Lipoil 2-0 in a match that was filled with laughter and fun.

 PMS, representing gas stations, did not give their counterparts, Lipoil, gas distributors, any chance when they took the field by storm.

In their yellow outfit, PMS forced the green and white stripped Lipoil boys in their own half of the field but could not get any goal till the end of the first half. The trend did not change till the second half.

The two goals came in the second half. The hurriedly assembled Lipoil boys fought back but their attempts proved unsuccessful as PMS held on their lead to the end of the game.

Presenting the Musason Trophy to the winners, Mr. Mohammed Musason, the CEO of both companies, said the match was to establish closer ties his workers.

“Lipoil players put themselves together in a short notice to make sure that we have some entertainment,” Mr. Musason said, “in the future we will encourage more participation.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Musason announced L$10, 000 Award to the winners, who also took away a trophy that he said cost U$5, 000.

Mr. Musason also used the occasion to recognize T. Boy Musa, field operator and driver Sekou Kromah, for their commitment to their work, and announced that there would be future awards. The game coincided with Mr. Musason’s birthday.


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