Paye FC Sets to Increase Joy Conquerors Woes Saturday

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Rivercess darling club, Paye FC will set up to increase the woes of Montserrado’s Joy Conquerors as they clash in their 3rd division play-off at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium tomorrow, Saturday.

The game is set at 4.p.m and sources from Paye FC told the Daily Observer yesterday that having come so far for the play-off, they will not joke with any of their opponents.

The message is a warning enough to Joy Conquerors who suffered their first defeat by Lofa County’s Sac FC at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium yesterday.

While the Conquerors were being hammered to defeat, their Saturday’s opponents, Paye FC, sat on the sideline and watched with interest.

The team’s owner and sponsor, Hon. Francis Paye (Dist. #2), also watched the game and told journalists that his boys are more ambitious and will not overlook any of their games.

Founded early this year, Hon. Paye, a one-time leading supporter of Mighty Barrolle, (during Ahlaji Kromah’s leadership) and was instrumental in the organization of 51 branches throughout Liberia and nine chapters, said he has brought his love for soccer to promote young men in Rivercess.

“All the players resided in Rivercess and are students at Cestos and Methodist schools in the county,” Hon. Paye told the Daily Observer in an interview yesterday at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.

Hon. Paye boasts of his passion for soccer and his adequate support to the team, pointing to the team’s 18-seater bus.

“I motivate the players the best I can,” he said, “and I have the best coaches to help bring up the boys.”

He has brought to the team coaches Victor Jackson and Chris Beah, two of the most successful coaches from Rivercess to handle his team.

Also as part of the technical team is Ben Lolo, who was a leading scorer for Rivercess in the 2006-7 County Meet.

He said the team arrived in Monrovia last Thursday, and the players are in good spirit for their matches in the play-off.

Paye FC’s second match is on Monday against Sac FC of Lofa County, also at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.



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