‘Our Approach to International Matches is Different’


As first division champions Barrack Young Controllers (BYC) prepare for their first match in the preliminaries of the CAF Champions League on Sunday, the president of the club, Sekou Konneh, has said his team’s approach towards international matches is quite different from their approach towards league matches.

Speaking to reporters during a brief press conference at his team’s home ground (Blue Field) in the PHP community, Konneh said this is not the first time that his team is participating in the competition and further affirmed that his team is fully prepared for the international encounter against Malian champions, Stade Malien.

His statement was in response to the team’s recent performance in the ongoing league, having managed to collect four points in their last four league matches after conceding two defeats at home against Mighty Barrolle and league leaders FC Fassel, narrowly defeating Keitrace 2-1 and pulling a draw against Watanga FC.

“Unfortunately most of the times we have participated in this competition, we do not perform very well in our league matches close to the time of the competition. But we have always shown internationally what we can do. Our mentality during international matches is very different,” Konnneh asserted.

The “Go Blue Boys” despite losing to the “Soccer Missionaries” (Fassel), were able to defeat Sierra Leonean side FC Johannsen in their international friendly that was meant to prepare the team for the CAF competition.

Mr. Konneh also disclosed that the team is in collaboration with the Liberian National Police (LNP) and the other private security groups to ensure the safety of the public during the match.

He also called on the sporting public to turn out for the match “to support Liberia not BYC” and comply with security authorities.

“We are going to put measures in place to safeguard our interest and the interest of Liberia. As you may be aware, international match officials are going to officiate the match, so anything outside of the rules, the club is going to be penalized. So please respect our measures that will be put in place,” Konneh appealed to the sporting public.

The international match officials are expected in the country today, while their opponents from Mali will be arriving in the country on Friday, according to Mr. Konneh.


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