Nimba United FC Deserves Every Support for CAF Campaign


Nimba United FC’s victory as the undisputed champion of the 2014/2015 national league has demonstrated the vision of Mr. Adolphus Dolo in putting together a team of youngsters to make, at least, history.

And of course while jubilating over his achievement, Mr. Dolo, the players and the coaches are aware that the campaign to demand respect in the African football has just begun.

But Mr. Dolo is a methodical man. He plans well and executes well and so for many of us on the fence his team’s victory to represent Liberia in one of the most prestigious tournaments is not strange. It rather speaks of Mr. Dolo’s determination to help
Liberia football to grow and also to gain respect in Africa.

And this is where, I think, Mr. Dolo and The Mountaineers deserve our support. The fact that Nimba United FC would be representing Liberia is what makes all the difference.

As an ardent follower of the game, Mr. Dolo, I need not remind him, is aware that there is more to it than winning the championship.

To win the championship means that his name will go down in the history of Liberian football as a successful owner who did not relent despite discouragement and unrelenting pressure from several sources, including the Liberia Football Association.

Many years ago, and I am told the practice is still alive now, whenever any of the teams (Invincible Eleven, Mighty Barrolle or Oilers) won the championship the rest of the teams would gather around and provide support in kind. That support would even allow some of the best players from other teams to be loaned in a friendly deal to help the contender in the campaign.

This practice is done everywhere in Africa where football has almost become like a religion, with thousands of adoring fans rejoicing when there is victory and weeping when there is defeat.

And to be blunt with the players, while they made the ultimate sacrifice and won the prestigious championship, the victory came the hard way.

I am sure coach Kollie Corvy (Coach Mission) and his technical team knows that in their last decider against LISCR FC, effective goal-scoring was a problem in regulation time and the game had to be determined on penalties, though that’s part of the game. But penalties are normally not good for those who are quick to suffer shock or those who are unable to experience surprises.

So preparing to play against teams outside Liberia, it demands proper planning and the securing of experienced strikers that would work the ball and get the goals.

The fact that several clubs have congratulated Nimba United FC for the achievement means that they would be willing to join The Mountaineers for a credible plot in their first campaign in the CAF League that would bring glory and rejoicing from the mountains of Nimba to the shores of Montserrado County.


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