Nimba United Can Make a Difference


A commentary by Omari Jackson

Champions Nimba United FC leaves Monrovia today for Cameroon to honor their CAF Championship tie against Union Douala on Sunday.

United is going into the match with a difficult objective: either they win by 3-0 or they must forget their participation in the tournament.

And with such a choice, it is difficult to imagine the frame of mind the club’s president, Adolphus Dolo, is in.

Honestly, I don’t envy Mr. Dolo in this particular difficulty but aware of his ability to look at reality the hard way; I am convinced that he will put his boys in a proper psychological frame of mind.

He will, if the players need to be told, tell them that playing away in Cameroon will demand more sacrifice than what they gave in the first leg in Monrovia.

Playing away, Nimba United will naturally attempt for goals. But a careful look at the first leg will tell you that the Cameroonians played with experience.

Without a doubt United has fairly skillful players who sadly at times don’t know what to do with the ball.

In the first leg, the Cameroonians played a waiting game; and after the young Liberians have played the ball from me-to-you, they will then steal the ball to get their goals.

Evidently, the Cameroonians are very good at scoring. Remember they scored more than three goals against LISCR FC in their 3-3 friendly match, and this should tell you that they cannot be overlooked.

So then what difference does this commentary suggest United can make? Simply this: if you are down, you are not afraid to fall and therefore, United must approach Sunday’s game with common sense.

True, someone said if Union Douala could score three goals away, United can do the same away, but remember soccer defies logic.

In this game, if you waste your chances and your opponent makes use of theirs, you are done.

So what remains for United is for the players to resurrect the way they played in the second half in the first leg. If they can do that I am sure the gods of football will not abandon them, even if they don’t win with as many goals.

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