Nimba Electoral District # 9 Captures Trophy


Nimba County Electoral District # 9 has captured the trophy of the week long district league in the grand final played at the Kumasi Sport Pitch in Ganta City, Nimba County to climax the celebration of July 26 Independence Day.

The final match between Districts #9 and #3 began at 4pm with District # 3 dominating the first quarter of the first half with District #3 striker William Gala sent a spot kick into the hands of their opponents’ goalkeeper.

In the 33rd minute a penalty was awarded to District # 9 after a long kick from the corner touched the hand of one of District #3 defenders and Marcus Paye scored the penalty.

District #3 boys tried all techniques to find the equalizer but to no avail till the end of the half. The second half began with District #3 mounting making several substitutions but could not till the game ended. A giant size trophy was awarded the first winner with some unspecified cash while several awards went to 2nd and 3rd winners.

The game brought together about ten thousand Namibians to support their various districts and it is the first such a tournament has been held, since the end of the civil-war.

The Steering Committee of Nimba Sport Association, headed by Prince Howard told spectators that the tournaments was intended to bring together all talented players that could be selected for the county national soccer team. He said 50 players have been identified from the total number of 225 players.


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