Nigeria Falconets Defeat U-20 Lone Star 7-1

Nigeria’s U-20 hit woman .jpg

It was an awful and upsetting Sunday evening for Liberians, especially the youth, to see their country’s U-20 female team humiliated in front of them for the first time since the introduction of women football.

The U-20 female Nigerian team, dubbed the Falconets depicted Nigeria’s football royalty in West Africa by using Brazilian football style of the beautiful game – creative, free-flowing, fast-paced style – and by the time they had finished the 96 minutes, Liberia had suffered an ignominy of bowing 7-1 goals.

The Falconets hit woman, Olutwatosin Adeboyejo netted the first goal in the 16th minute through a diagonal cross from gawky striker Veronica Chinwendu and Grace Kanu.

Veronica increased the tally in the 32nd minute and Olutwatosin got her brace in the 41st minute – both goals were owing to a rebound that hit on the upper woodwork from Chinaza Uchendu from Grace Kanu’s pass.

Liberia’s virtually youthful and potent striker, Kanties Sayee got the consolation goal in the 45th minute after a rebound from Angeline Kleh.

After the break, the U-20 Lone Star looked confident to level the score and it might have been Coach Christopher Wreh’s bench, including Varmah Kpoto, Oliver Markor, Jonah Sarwiah and George Gebro that put “life” in the teenagers as the unimpressive skipper Kebeh Lamine could see holding and chasing the ball.

Unfortunately, the Falconets took control over the pace and another rebound from hard worker Chinaza sealed Olutwatosin’s hat-trick in the 56th minute.

Chinonso Sunday increased the goals in the 70th minute and Chinanza sealed the score-line in the 82nd and 87th minutes.

Chinanza oozed confidence, scoring her second goal of the game as she played with a nonchalant brilliance which made her the “Girl of the Match.”

As for Olutwatosin, she did not only have speed, but geometrical measurement for the net.

Liberia was booed at the end of the game and the anger manifested itself later but Liberia football Chief Musa Bility blamed the Liberian government for lack of support, as the cause for the humiliation.

Meanwhile, Liberia is expected to visit Nigeria for the return leg, but you think what would the score be?


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