National Team: Looking Ahead


Every business is created to make money. That is the primary motivation but along with that is the human face that covers many well meaning businesses that are making very useful contributions towards Liberia’s rebuilding.

Some businesses choose to call their contribution ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ and it is geared towards the most important issues that help ease difficult problems. In the sports arena, and particularly football, it is Cellcom GSM that has brought significance to the development of the national football team and even the national league.

True, Cellcom-GSM is here to make money, and like to let the sporting populace knows that it is also here to help improve what brings a lot of unity to this country.

The euphoria that welcomed the national team’s recent triumph against Guinea Bissau away is a clear sign of the enduring benefit that sports can have on a nation.

Perhaps due to a remarkable sixth sense, Cellcom GSM chose to become the official and primary sponsor of the national team. And sponsoring the national team has meant for Cellcom GSM to provide some of its profits to support the national cause.

And so with what has happened so far, it is true that Cellcom GSM has been right on the money.

The national team’s next assignment, and the most challenging one, is the forthcoming encounter against The Elephants of Ivory Coast. This final two-leg encounter would determine many things, one of which would be for the team to go on to play in the group stages for the 2018 Russia World Cup.

So there is work to do, and how prepared we are ready for the game would be determined, I dare say to a large extent, in the outcome of the first leg in Monrovia. While it does not help the situation for anyone to dabble in pessimism, it makes sense to point out that all of us must do what we can do to make sure that we make the journey less burdensome.

We cannot forget to mention the incredible performance of striker William Jebor and his team-mates for ending the away goal drought that the national team was afflicted. It also means we must gain over the difficulty that the national team faces that at times makes it difficult to deliver the goods before home fans. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf during the national team’s courtesy call at her Foreign Ministry office commended the players, calling them heroes for their united effort that brought Guinea
Bissau down on their knees in their own backyard.

President Sirleaf then committed the government to provide necessary support for all future competitions. With the government’s promised support, it would be to the team’s advantage if they can maintain their winning record against any opponent, beginning with The Elephants to serve as an appreciation for Cellcom-GSM’s support to the national cause.

I am encouraged of Cellcom GSM’s farsightedness to identify with the national objective to promote football’s endurance strength to unite Liberians as such a crucial period in the country.

As President Sirleaf mentioned about the strength of sports’ excellent way of uniting Liberians despite the things that divide us, Cellcom GSM must be congratulated for first realizing and utilizing the most effective means for Liberia’s internal cohesion: football.


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