National Team Commends Cellcom for Support


The Liberia national team on Wednesday, March 30 visited the headquarters of Cellcom Telecommunications to thank the GSM for its ongoing support of the team, which was instrumental in its major victory over Djibouti.

The special thank you event was held at the Cellcom headquarters on the Capitol Bypass and was attended by the President of the Liberia Football Association (LFA), Musa Bility, the full national team, as well as officials and executives of Cellcom.

Bility lauded Cellcom for its support to the national team “when nobody wanted to help” and therefore referred to Cellcom as “the savior of Liberian football.”

“Cellcom and the national team formed a relationship based on faith. Cellcom had a vision and saw something that nobody else could see,” he said and lamented that several years ago, the national team had nowhere to go for support and was left languishing until Cellcom came to the rescue.

“Cellcom has given the national team more than we have asked for,” Bility said. He explained that the support from Cellcom was more than overwhelming because Cellcom did not have any obligation to support the national team for so long, but did so based on a true love for football.

Bility added “Of all the people, including the government of Liberia, players, and officials of football, the only group that is doing what they are not forced to do for football is Cellcom. Cellcom does not have to support the national team, but they still do.”

Deputy Coach Kelvin Sebwe said “We’ve come to show gratitude to Cellcom for standing with the team during the time when nobody believed in us. We hope that others will emulate what Cellcom has done.”

Responding on behalf of Cellcom, its Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Avi Zaidenberg, who is an ardent football lover and chief sponsor of LISCR FC, thanked President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the LFA, the technical team, players, fans and “all those who have helped to get the team to where it is today.”

He reconfirmed Cellcom’s support for the national team, announcing: “We don’t take our support for granted. We take it very seriously. It is an honor and pleasure for us to see that through our support the team was successful as it was on Sunday. We look forward to future successes that we know will come.”

Over the years, Cellcom has invested over one million United States dollars to support the development of football in Liberia.


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