Mission Impossible for Female U-20 Lone Star

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For anything I don’t enjoy the challenges that Coach Christopher Wreh and his deputy Oliver Makor are grappling with right now. The two men are expected to lead the female national U-20 side to complete their second-leg match against their Nigerian counterparts on Sunday in Nigeria.

And I don’t even envy the two coaches because their side lost heavily (7-1) to the Nigerians in the first leg right here in Monrovia.

What should Liberians expect at the end of the 90 minutes in Nigeria? It would have been easy to say ‘victory’ but trailing 7-1 is not something for any diehard fan to dream could be erased, particularly in the opponents’ backyard.

Remember the recent drubbing of a similar margin by the Black Stars of Ghana against ‘The Pharaohs’ of Egypt? Well, back in Cairo the Egyptians could not call on all their magic to erase the score-line but they were able to win narrowly (2-1) to give home fans some confidence.

Though the current case is the reverse because the girls lost 7-1 at home and they are traveling to Nigeria to play.

So the greater good they can do themselves and the nation is for them to play to demand their respect.

It means the coaches by now have made it certain that the players know the game-plan.

They are now aware of the mistakes or weaknesses that spelled their doom in the first leg and therefore they must learn to control the flow of the game in Nigeria.

Yes, I know, it is easier said than done and it needs players with exceptional talent to overcome such a test. But, please tell me, is it not true that he who is down fears no fall?

Whoever came up with that clever idea may have had the kind of situation our girls face in mind. Ok, so now that we know we have a herculean task to perform, all our girls have to do is to play well and try not to concede more goals like what happened at home.

You see, I said they must try because the Nigerian forwards are aware of our girls’ weaknesses in the first leg and may go all out to exploit to their own advantage. Or since they are comfortably ahead with 7-1, they may relax their game, a kind of play to entertain their crowd to give them a good run for their money.

If Coach Wreh and his deputy Makor could evolve a strategy to weather the storm and come out unscathed, despite the first leg results, they would be described as heroes and the girls would be known as heroines of our time.

The team leaves on Thursday, and though the mission seems impossible, they must play together to change for the better the difficult role that inadequate preparation has thrust into their hands.

Good Luck girls.


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