Mini-league Begins in Chicken Soup Factory

Block B players pose for a shot-web.jpg

The Chicken Soup Factory Gulf Teachers Association on Sunday, January 11, opened a community soccer league with eight teams participating. Divided into eight blocks, C and F drew 0-0 in the first match and last Saturday G repeated a 1-0 victory over B. B had lost its other match against E 0-1.

The community is divided into two zones. Zone One: A, B, C, and D while Zone Two has E, F, G and H. The two winners from each zone will meet in the finals.

According to the chairman of the association, Fofee Boimah Korleh the purpose of the block league is to unify the young people through sport. “In 2006/2007 Representative aspirant Hon. Elijah Brooks saw it very important to unite the young people in our community through sports,” he said.

Since then sporting activities had not been active till the Ebola outbreak in the country.  Now that there has been great success in the fight against the Ebola disease “We need to prepare our community to engage in sporting activities with Stephen Tolbert and Bardnersville Estate communities.”

Chairman Korleh said the winner of the tournament will receive an award along with all participating. He added that the next tournament will be held in November.


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