Lone Star Out to Humble Djibouti Today


Poor Djibouti! Whoever paired Djibouti against Liberia at the time the national soccer team, Lone Star, is gunning for victory might have done Djibouti football a disservice.

This afternoon, our brothers from the proverbial Horn of Africa will stand against their Liberian opponents in a match that should further deepen their woes while elevating the Liberians, since they have a clear chance to collect the maximum three points.

The Lone Star is standing tall, for few days ago they marched on to Djibouti City and before their home fans, secured the needed three points after Djibouti had shown some level of stubbornness, having refused to budge till the 69th minute.

It must be said with all due respect that Djibouti has been learning from each of their three games that they lost.

Recall that they were beaten 8-1 by Tunisia, succumbed 2-0 to Togo before losing to a respected margin of 1-0 to Liberia at home. So in every game, Djibouti has shown some improvement which was also evident in their last clash against Liberia.

During the game while the Liberians were anxious for goals, Djibouti had parked its midfield with an unusual number of players and therefore the Liberians could not penetrate too deeply.

However, it was after the goal came in the 69th minute through Anthony Laffor that they began to open up to show some mettle.

While that indicates they are learning after every game, the Liberians are gunning for victory and it is a wonder how the visitors can contain the Liberian strikers this afternoon.

Presently, Liberia stands at the second position and the players are not prepared to let the chance of victory slip through their hands, since they are aware that Tunisia and Togo are waiting on the wings.

What favors Liberia, however, is that Tunisia defeated Togo 1-0 in their first leg and will be playing their return in Lome, Togo, while Liberia is taking care of Djibouti at home.

So to improve Liberia’s chances, this afternoon’s game is crucial and they cannot lose. We wish the players all the best in their encounter against Djibouti that should be their finest hour.


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