Lofa’s Sac FC Defeats Joy Conquerors 3-2


Lofa County’s Sac Football Club yesterday took the spokes out of Joy Conquerors, beating them 3-2 in their first 3rd Division Play-off match at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.

From the blast of the whistle, Sac FC sent the warnings early that they wanted the game and called of the bluff of their opponents.

Sac FC took control of their game and pushed deep for goals which came twice before the end of the half.

With two goals in their favor, Sac FC returned for the second half only to meet some stiff resistance from Joy Conquerors, especially so when Joy reduced the scores 2-1.

It was an interesting game as Joy fought desperately and seemed to have gained their strength but it was disappointing when the end of the match proved otherwise.

Joy will return on the pitch on Monday against Paye FC and to enable them remain in the current play-off means they must win. But with such an initial disappointment, it will be a game to watch when the Rivercess’ darling boys, Paye FC, resume their second campaign for victory against them.


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