‘Liberia Needs Football to Unite’


Deputy Lone Star Coach Kelvin Sebwe has said that Liberians must use sports, particularly football to unite the country.

Coach Sebwe made the assertion on Thursday at the Ministry of Information’s regular press briefing held on Capitol Hill in Monrovia.

He said during the long years of the civil unrest in Liberia, football was used as an instrument to bring peace, which Liberians must focus on maintaining as well as elevating.

“This is Liberia, we will not be the same group of people promoting peace through sports and the same group of people causing problems; we have to continue to look at sports as a unifier. We will continue to put our energy and efforts to give Liberia the best result, which is victory,” he said.

Coach Sebwe explained that, “Since peace was embraced after the civil crisis by Liberians, we continue to show to the world that Liberians are peaceful people. We have been able to use sports both in and out of Liberia and I believe that we can do more in uniting Liberians.”

He hailed the Liberian government for its continued support to the national football team, Lone Star through the provision of allowances, and bonuses if the team wins.

Coach Sebwe meanwhile called on Liberians to respect official rules by not jumping on the field whenever the national team scores against opponents, as it was seen when the team defeated Tunisia on September 5.

“The next time this occurs, Liberia may be fined and we could be asked to play our games away and that will be not good for us. We want to see our national team play in Liberia and so if they put our home games in Ghana, we will have not many supporters,” he said.


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