Ld10, 000, Trophy at Stake in Foya Friendly

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Lucky Foya soccer fans! This Sunday, a select side, representing Liberia will receive their counterparts from Kekedu, Guinea, for a friendly soccer match.

The match will be played at the Samaritan Purse sports pitch in Foya and defender Christian Zezer, formerly of Bomi County team, told the Daily Observer in an interview yesterday that Foya is getting prepared for the match.

“We have players coming from Kailahun, Vahun, Voinjama and also in Foya here,” Zezer, who also goes by the name, Gabriel McCarthy, said.

Zezer, will play in the defense. He said “Some of our key players include Prince Sano, Saar Toomey and goalkeeper Nathaniel Sherman.”

The Guinean side is keeping information about the team in secret, and will not want to rejoice before even the first whistle is sounded.

“I know they are preparing for this friendly match,” Zezer said, “We are also preparing.”

With victory over the recent menace, (Ebola), cross-border sporting games will gain momentum, after May 9, when Liberia crosses the 42 days mark.

“This is how we live with each other,” admitted Ben Gobah of Foya, who anticipates a good soccer match.

He said, “This is a match between Liberia and Guinea, no matter how you put it.” True, the two countries have fought, died and survived the Ebola menace together.

Now the action is on the football field and thanks to Lofa County Senior Senator Steven Zargo, the friendly match will be a success.

“Senator Zargo has provided LD10, 000 and a trophy for the game,” said defender Zezer, “We can’t let the money and trophy go to Kekedu.”

That’s a good vow, but with the Guineans coming with some of their talented players in such a cross border friendly, expect football at its best.

Of interest are adopted names of some of the Liberian players: one is Ronaldo and another is Kasilas. And there is a high temptation that the Guineans are coming to Foya with similar names.

Whatever the case, the Samaritan Purse sports pitch on Sunday will see what someone said, “an international game outside Monrovia at its best.”


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