Jr. Lone Star Players Seize Jerseys at RIA In demand of perdiem from LFA

Junior national U-20 team before_web.jpg

For failure to fulfill its promise to the national Under 20 team, Jr. Lone Star, the players on Tuesday afternoon, reportedly seized the team’s jersey upon their arrival at the Roberts International Airport.

Information reaching the Daily Observer said the players demanded for their per-diem and other benefits due them as promised by the Liberia Football Association.

The players, after their 2-0 loss to their Ivorian counterparts, were reportedly abandoned by Liberian officials, including LFA President Musa Bility, who was in Abidjan for the game.

The junior team won the first leg 1-0 in Monrovia and lost the return-leg 2-0 last Sunday in Abidjan.

With the 2-1 goal aggregate, Jr. Lone Star lost its chance to continue the tournament.

The team says it was unfairly treated by the Liberia Football Association in both the first and return leg preparations.

During their preparation for the first leg, the LFA paid each player LRD 200, and the players’ appeal for an increment was denied.

In the first leg, the players did not go to camp, nor for the second leg, which compelled Coach Robert Lartey to say that the lack of financial and moral support to the team was not in its best interest.

Despite the poor preparation, Coach Lartey last week told the Daily Observer that he was going to Abidjan to defend and attack to maintain their 1-0 lead.

Holding a C License from CAF, Coach Lartey did not complain about the poor preparation but sadly tried to encourage his boys for the return leg match. And for accepting to take the team to Abidjan in the wake of poor preparations for both legs, questions his authority as a coach to lead a team.

So Coach Lartey could not live up to his hope of defending and attacking against the Ivorians, and lost 2-0 since he was aware that the players were already demoralized for the return leg.

When contacted yesterday, the Liberia Football Association said it was not aware of the reported action by the players.

But a source at the LFA admitted the players were not happy about the manner in which the LFA has handled them.

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