Gardnersville FC Player Weeps

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The emotion that football exhibits or can forced out of those who play or enjoy witnessing it is so full of drama that those who are addicted to it, find difficult and wonder.

As the accompanied pictures indicate, this player is a member of the Gardnersville FC and it was a league match to avoid relegation.

This player is one of the leading goal scorers and he had a chance in their match to have won the game and avoid relegation.

Streaking across with speed, the striker swerved the ball away from his attacker and he had only the opponents’ goalkeeper to beat.

But sadly, he could not make positive use of the ball as he kicked the ball far away from the goalkeeper and the goalposts.

He immediately dropped on the field and began to exhibit his frustration as the picture above demonstrates.

Information from Gardnersville FC reaching the Daily Observer reports that the player in question has not forgiven himself for wasting an important goal and letting his team down.


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