Ganta All Stars Defeated 2-0 in Friendly


The friendly soccer match between Ganta All Stars and the boys of Djeka of Guinea on Sunday, January 1, 2017 ended 2 – 0 in favor of the Guineans.

The game, which was played in the Guinean town of Djeka, started in high spirit with the two teams fighting to get the New Year’s Day victory.

In the 9th minute, the Guineans took the lead with a goal from the center forward after penetrating the Liberian defense.

Ganta All Stars mounted more pressure to redeem the goal, but that hope was dashed when the Guineans again scored another goal in the 30th minute from a header.
With home support, the Guineans mounted more pressure for more goals, until the first half ended.

The Liberian side dominated the second half but the Guineans held them away from scoring any goal with their goalkeeper flying here and there making it uneasy for the Liberians to find a consolation goal. The game ended 2 – 0 in favor of the boys of Djeka, Guinea.

The game was organized by a group under the banner “Friends of Sam Brown,” to improve on the good relationship between the two neighboring towns. It geared towards solidifying cross border relationship, according to spokesperson Adada Smith.

The first phase of the game was played in Ganta on Christmas Day and ended
2 – 2.

Local Guinean authorities praised Mr. Brown for bringing the two sisterly towns together to celebrate two of the major holidays around the world.

They said Liberians and Guineans are one and they do everything in common. “We rush to Liberia for our daily needs and Liberians too come here for their daily needs; this is how we’ve been living together,” said one of the officials.


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