Football Teams Encouraged to Participate in Saturday’s Track Meet


Ahead of the 2016 Open Club Championship on Saturday, November 19, at the UL Fendall Campus, the vice president for technical affairs of the Liberia Athletics Federation (LAF), Frederick Krah, has called on football teams, including divisional and old-timers, to participate in the championship.

Krah said track and field plays an important role in every sport because it also helps players to be physically fit.

“When analyzing the game, players run approximately 70 percent of the actual minutes of the game. Most of the runs are explosive, high-intensity runs – therefore if players participate in some of the runs of the LAF, they can become stronger and faster,” Mr. Krah said.

“It’s also important to intersperse running with aerobic training, such as short and dynamic sprinting drills.”

Meanwhile, head of the Organizing Committee of the 2016 LAF Open Club Championship Coach Samuel Cooper said the registration is free and deadline will be on Saturday, November 19.

Coach Cooper stated that the age-range is open, but sportsmanship, good behavior and anti-doping will be observed.

“A trophy will be given to the overall fastest and best-performing team and will be crowned the 2016 Best Club,” Coach Cooper said.

The one-day event would bring communities and school-based athletic clubs, sporting clubs, including LAF’s registered clubs, together.

This year’s tourney would mark the first post-Ebola club championship.


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