FA CUP Resumes Friday

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The 2014/2015 Knockout Competition, dubbed the LFA CUP is expected to resume on Friday, August 5, with the 2nd Phase – and all the games would be played at the ATS, in Monrovia.

According to yesterday’s draw, which was conducted at the LFA headquarters in the presence of 12 clubs representatives and the press, Watanga will host Mighty Dragon in the opening at 2:00pm. LISCR FC and Aries FC will climax the day at 4:00pm.

On Saturday, Nimba United meets FC Fassell and Keitrace FC faces Monrovia Club Breweries.

BYC II is expected to lock horns with NPA Anchors and Holders FC engages Jubilee FC on Sunday.

The quarterfinals of the FA CUP will resume from Saturday, August 13 to Sunday, August 14, with six teams battling each other.

A draw the following Tuesday after the best three teams from the quarterfinals, would witness a team taking a bye to the two-tied grand finals, while two teams would clash on Friday, August 21 for the last slot.

Meanwhile, in the first phase of the Knockout, Aries FC whipped IE 4-2 in a lottery shot after a pulsating 1-1, and Smalltown FC bowed to BYC II 4-3 in a penalty shootout from a 1-1 tie.

Jubilee defeated Gardnersville 2-1; and LISCR FC qualified by defeating Sesay FC 4-2 on penalties, after 0-0 draw.

BYC I lost 2-1 to NPA Anchors and Keitrace FC beat Joy Conquerors 6-5, on penalties after a 2-2 tie.

Watanga FC nailed LPRC 3-2; and Holder FC pinned Nimba FC 1-0.

Monrovia Club Breweries spanked Mighty Barollee 4-0 in a lottery shoot, from a nil tie, and Mighty Dragon smacked ELWA United 3-1.

Nimba United beat Mighty Blue Angels 1-0, and FC Fassell took a bye.


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