Early Planning Will Improve Chances against Lesotho

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The national soccer team, Lone Star will begin its campaign to join Group C for the 2015 African Cup of Nations qualifying series with a first game against Lesotho on May 18.

Liberia must decide with Lesotho in a home and away and if successful then she joins Group C with Burkina Faso, Gabon, Angola and the winner of Kenya and Comoro Island’s match.

Kenya and Comoro Islands fall in the same situation with Liberia and the only chance to qualify is for the two countries to fight for a place.

Since the last Lone Star squad was dismissed, there has not been any new Lone Star formed. It was after their disappointing performance in the last Afcon. Thereafter, a local only side was built and when they also bowed to Senegal in the last home-based Afcon, they too were disbanded.

Many soccer fans may be wondering the kind of players that will be assembled to ably defend the nation against Lesotho.

The last members of the national team, who are currently the best of the cream, were insulted for being unpatriotic as well as uncommitted to the nation.

So now that we have a little over two weeks for the game, it is hoped that Team Bility is gearing up for the challenge.

Information gleaned from facebook reported FA President Musa Bility asking Liberians abroad to inform the LFA with news about Liberians doing well elsewhere in the world.

Up to now, the committee set up by the LFA, under Ambassador George Manneh Weah to identify and select players as well as coaches for the national team has not been able to live up to its responsibilities.

FA officials are mum on whether that committee is still relevant to its objectives.

After all is said and done, early preparation, which includes an assembling of players and some test matches can provide a measure of understanding to improve the cohesiveness of the players to triumph over Lesotho to join Group C.



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