Does Coach Julutweh Know His Worth?

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The recent story of Coach Matthew Julutweh and FC Fassell can break the heart of any determined coach who has offered so much but in the end found out that he does not worth much in the estimation of his employers due to what normally happens in the beautiful game of football.

Available records indicate that he has been a good servant of FC Fassell and all the players have great deal of respect for him.

But if his recent firing and later rehiring by FC Fassell is something to consider in the ordinary scheme of things, then there is much more that Coach Julutweh should learn.

It is true that in Europe coaches are fired and rehired; they are insulted and abused and at the same time rehired.

And it is evident that football administrators around the world are imitating such a practice. So when Coach Julutweh’s charges fell disgracefully in a pre-season tournament, the man who has been with the team more years than some of the players can count, was fired.

But against the run of play, whatever happened forced the administration to rehire him. Since the rehire, Coach Julutweh has remained mum on what might been the reasons for his return but some questions that bother: What are the conditions for his return?

Has Coach Julutweh returned because of his love for FC Fassell? Or his love for the players? Did the management later realized it made a blunder and that he is the best coach for the team? No one coaches a team because of the love for it, Julutweh. It is the money game because that is how you earn your daily bread. Your love is for the game, CAF Coaches Francis

Tamba and Henry Browne told you that didn’t they?

Why did Coach Julutweh decide to return to FC Fassell? Is the management prepared to sign a contract with him so that he would not be thrown out and disgraced like it did? Has Julutweh expressed any position to the management about the poor treatment?

True, in Europe, coaches are thrown about as I mentioned as any reader knows, but the difference is that European coaches work on contracts and so when they are booted out, they receive every penny their clubs owe them.

It is evident that Julutweh is one of the remarkable coaches in Liberia. But does he know that? How important does he take himself? Could he have refused the FC Fassell offer? What has he insisted must be done since his return that would prevent FC Fassell’s management from taking any emotional decision against him? Once bitten, the sages have said, twice shy. Since FC Fassell has realized that he is the right man for the job, I want him to demand for a contract. And to demand for a contract is part of the Club Licensing System that the LFA has insisted all clubs must have.

Julutweh must look up for himself otherwise no one will. Are other coaches watching the Julutweh situation? Coaches must realize that they are the leaders for the young people under their tutelage.

Therefore the young players demand better treatment for their mentors and FC Fassell’s management should behave better than that.


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