Debbah Needs “Changes” to Pin Guinea Bissau


Thursday’s performance by the national soccer team, Lone Star – is arguably disappointing, especially in the midfield and frontline rows.

Though Liberia scored 63% in ball possession in the first half and 45% in the 2nd half, there was not finishing clinical players to affect the advantage to covert for goals against goalie Jonas Mendes.

Unhappily, in the second stanza, the midfield broke down, owing to the overwork of Patrick Gerhardt and to reclaim his morale and drive cannot easily be done by new comers.

Miserably, Francis Grandpa Forkey Doe failed to straighten his head and legs to affect the three begging chances, while William Jebor was careless and wearily lurking to increase the goals, even though he luckily scored the penalty.

If Debbah wants to pin Guinea Bissau at home, he needs to ensure that Grandpa takes 12 hours merely to “kick in goal” from all angles as punishment before Wednesday’s 2nd leg encounter in Guinea Bissau; while Jebor needs be given time to rest and reenergize.

The first change Coach Debbah needs to do is to change the plot from 4-4-2 to either 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1.

If the 4-3-3 pattern will be used, Francis Grandpa Forkey Doe, Sekou Kanneh and Anthony Laffor can be used in front, while Patrick Gerhardt, Oscar Dolly and Zah Kranga are in the middle.

The quartet, comprising Gizzie Dorbor, Teah Dennis, Dirkir Glay, Solomon Grimes will be in the defence, to reduce tension for goalie Saylee Swen, who should inarguably be between the sticks despite his “elementary mistake” – believing that he has learnt a lesson.

As for the 4-2-3-1 system, Francis will be the lone striker, while Anthony Laffor, Sekou Kanneh and Zah Kranga play behind him while Patrick Gerhardt and Oscar Dolly play in the midfield – with Oscar playing a free-offensive role and Patrick on defensive.

The Portugal based player William Jebor should start from the bench to wear-off his tiredness – and make him desperate for goals.

In any of the patterns, Coach Debbah should only substitute Sekou Kanneh and Zah Kranga to bring in William Jebor and Sam Johnson and if possible bring in Dioh Williams to increase the Liberia’s scoring chances.

The best way to defend is to attack.


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