Can BYC Perform a 3-0 Magic?

Champion club BYC…can they win a 3-0 margin in the return leg in Monrovia?

–Lose 2-0 to Ferroviario De Beria in Mozambique

In simple arithmetic, Barrack Young Controllers (BYC) will have to score 3-0 one week from yesterday against Ferroviario De Beria in their return leg encounter in Monrovia to be able to progress to the next stage of their CAF Championship League.

The Liberian champions lost 2-0 yesterday in their first leg in Beira, Mozambique. Can they perform a miracle in Monrovia and even go beyond expectations?

I can see the doubting Thomases shaking their heads that it could not happen but remember that right here in Monrovia, Monrovia Club Breweries defeated JS Kabyle 3-0 but succumbed 4-0 in their return leg in Algeria.

Ferroviario De Beria of Mozambique coming for the return leg on Sunday

Recall please also the recent 4-0 drubbing of Barcelona by PSG at home in France and Barca on March 8 shocked their opponents in their return leg match at home with a 6-1 whitewash in their UEFA Championship League encounter.

The few matches mentioned should convince you that clubs are making use of their home advantages, where their fans are always there in their numbers, and the boys play their best, as their people demand.

Before their match in Mozambique, the Liberian champions had beaten crestfallen Invincible Eleven 6-0 in a one-sided match at their own field (Blue Field) but drew goalless with Monrovia Breweries away.

Now with their 2-0 loss to the Mozambicans, the Liberian technical staff has become aware of the task before them next Sunday; and upon their arrival, should make use of available chances to correct what caused their loss.

Their opponents would be coming to defend their 2-0 lead and no doubt would be coming with the objective to avoid unnecessary mistakes, which does not mean that they would assemble their best defenders and allow a single player on top.

Scoring 3-0 or more in today’s football matches are common and therefore with the best technical ideas and players attuned to executing them, BYC could come out the best against their opponents.

BYC coach Cooper Sannah faces the best challenge to his coaching career but the good news is that he has the men and the people to provide the support that he would need for the execution of a successful ‘operation restore hope’ that will see BYC back on the trail for the CAF Championship title.


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