BYC Trashes Kotoko’s Goalie Bribery Tale


BYC F. C has condemned widely publicized media report in Accra, Ghana that goalie Soulama Abdullahi was bribed during the second-leg match in Monrovia, on Sunday, February 16.

BYC president Sekou Konneh in a briefing yesterday at the LFA’s headquarters in Monrovia described the allegation as “undignified’ arguing that it remains a media speculation.

“It’s undignified and I can speak in-depth because there is no formal statement or complain,” Mr. Konneh said.

Last Sunday substitute Blamo Nymely scored a bewildering goal, which caught goalie Soulama spelt-bound in the 89th minute.

However, Ghana and other Ghanaian media websites and local dailies accused goalkeeper Abdullahi of taking a bribe to help in the elimination of Asante Kotoko.

They said rumors were fast gaining ground that the Burkina Faso international took US$3000 bribe from officials of BYC.

Soulama was said to have met officials of BYC at dawn to negotiate his reward.

Kotoko officials are however yet to officially comment on the unsubstantiated claim.

In an interview with the 34-year-old Kotoko goalie denied the bribery scandal, saying that there is no truth in the report.

Goalie Abdullahi said: “I have not taken any bribe from any official of the Liberian team, I made some decent saves and I’m shocked nobody is saying and applauding me.

“Why should this happen when we all know that Kotoko’s problems are beyond the playing body. I have served Kotoko for more than 5 years and I had so many offers after the 2013 African Cup of Nations but because of the love and the respect I have for Kotoko and the fans I decided to extend my contract with the club.”

He, however, admitted his blunder between the sticks.

“US$3,000 dollars is not a big amount for me so why will I do such a thing to Kotoko,” he said.

According Sports Africa website, Kotoko’s captain Michael Akuffo also rubbished the allegation of bribery against goalkeeper Abdoulahhi.

“It's unfortunate that people can just make things up to tarnish the image of others,” he said, “I don't think Soulama will ever get involved in bribery. He is a decent man.”


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