BYC Impressive Despite 1/16th Exit


Barrack Young Controllers lost their second leg round of the 1/16th final in Abidjan against locals Sewe Sports of San Pedro. The 1-0, after the previous week’s grueling 3-3 should bring out lessons for the Liberian local defending champions.

What went wrong after the historic elimination of the mighty Asante Kotoko of Ghana in the preliminary stage? And what are the lessons that the club as well as Liberian clubs can learn from them?

In clear terms, what counted in a game is the ability to score more goals. The more goals you score at home the better your chances for the next round where you may have to defend.

Sewe Sports made use of early surprise goals when the two teams were sizing each other’s up. So employing the surprise goal element is one lesson we must learn to advantage.

Though BYC kept redeeming the goals, the Ivorians were always ahead in increasing their goals.

While it was encouraging the spirited manner BYC fought back during the first game at home, it has become evident that the team should learn to score early goals, and not to fight behind to even the goals.

It is also noted that both teams during the Monrovia encounter played with two different formations. Evidently, the Ivoirians had some advantage to intimidate BYC defense to get the goal and then relaxed to see what would happen as BYC piled up intensive pressure to save their face.

BYC has a fighting spirit that should be improved upon. It is the spirit not to look back when you are down. Fighting back and coordinating well, provided the chance for the players to explore their individual skills that made the great difference in the first leg in Monrovia.

Some of the CAF Championship League’s contestants produced many goals in their home matches in the preliminary and 1/16th finals and I think this is significant.

Experance 5-0 Gor Mahia; TP Mazembeh 3-0 Astres de Douala; Cotton Sport 5-0 Flambeau de l’Est. Those who had earlier scored narrow one or two goals and draws were all eliminated.

Winning comfortably at home is the best medicine to remain in the CAF League. This is a lesson we cannot fail to take notice of.


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