BYC Honors Players for Super Cup Title

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In an appreciation in the retaining of the Super Cup title, BYC Football held an “Award Dinner” over the weekend with the presentation of medals and gifts to players and support staff as well as motivational prep talks.

The 2015 Super Cup Award Night took place on Sunday, April 19, at the Mamba Point Hotel, outside Monrovia. Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors Robert A. Sirleaf organized it in collaboration with the association’s president, Sekou Konneh.

The 2015 Super Cup title has summed her titles to three.

National team head coach James Salinsa Debbah awarded the medals to the players, technical and support staff.

Coach Debbah hailed Mr. Sirleaf for reforming Liberian football evidently by the erection of the BYC Blue Field – the only club’s sports pitch and the huge financial support to the team.

The former Liberia celebrated star urged BYC players to take advantage of the support and play with extreme focus and exhibit tactics.

Comparing his former club, Mighty Barrolle to BYC, Coach Debbah said up to present the Rollers are yet to construct a field and during their hey days, after the games players fetched water from the well to bath while BYC players bath under showers.

“The Lone Star team only seeks the brain of Robert Sirleaf owing to his brilliant plans in the game, because Lone Star can raise her own morning,” Coach Debbah said. “And if we had two or three persons like Robert Sirleaf in the country, we can win the World Cup.”

Central defender Alvin MacCorneh and midfielder Van-Dave Harmon were named “Most Valuable Players.” Each co-MVP received a Nokia X6 phone, a pair of boots and slivers, tee-shirt and undisclosed cash prize.

Alvin, 22 and Dave, 21 in separate interviews expressed their thanks and appreciation to the vetting committee, Mr. Sirleaf, Konneh and their colleagues.

“We won’t have won this award if it were not for the administrators, coaches and players,” Alvin said.

“This medals and gifts would serve as inspiration,” Harmon intoned.

Both players are among the newly recruits. Alvin came from Red Lion, while Harmon is from ELWA United. Also, both players have been recruited for the U-23 Lone Star, which is expected to lock horns with the Black Meteors of Ghana at the Tamale Sports Stadium in Ghana on April 26.

Mr. Sirleaf said the principle of the association; discipline, dedication and desire are oil, which keeps the team going.

He recommitted his support to the team and urged the players to remain passionate about the game and be compliance to the rules and regulations of the association.

He thanked the support staff, who he referred to as “unsung heroes and heroines” and wished the new recruited players “well.”

Meanwhile, since his choice into BYC Football in 2009, the 2015 Award Night marks the 4th Edition.

From 2010 to 2013, the BYC MVP was selected by a Specialized Committee headed by Sekou Konneh and was based on the performance of players on and off the field – it was usually held after the championship.


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