Breweries Declared Knockout Winners

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The Liberia Football Association has announced Monrovia Club Breweries as winners of this year’s LFA Knockout Competition.

The LFA in a release said Monrovia Club Breweries is being awarded the knockout title in line with its rules and regulations.

The LFA has also placed $100,000 fine on Mighty Barrolle due to the disruption of Sunday’s knockout finals by people believed to be fans of Barrolle.

The Chairman of the LFA Competitions Committee Ansu Dulleh said a presentation ceremony will be held on Thursday afternoon at the LFA headquarters to award Monrovia Breweries the knockout crown.

Mr. Dulleh also disclosed that Mighty Barrolle is expected to pay the fine before the commencement of the next league season in October this year.

Barrolle were trailing 1-0 to Monrovia Breweries on Sunday July 31, at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium after 87 minutes of play when the match was disrupted by fans of the club.

Mighty Barrolle is being punished in line with Chapter 17, article 1(Forfeiture of Matches) .section 1 count 3 of the rules and regulations of the LFA.

Section 1 count 3 states: A team shall be punished with forfeiture of a match when: the player(s) or club supporters initiate an act responsible for the abrupt end of the match.

Mr. Dulleh said Breweries is being awarded 3 points and 2 goals by the LFA due to section 1.1 of the rules and regulations. Breweries led Barrolle 1-0 on Sunday.

Section1.1 of the rules and regulations states that, in respect to Artcle1 Section 1 numbers 1 to 4, no matter what the score shall be at the time of the offence or at the end of the match, the offending team shall be considered as having lost the match and accordingly 3 points and 2 goals shall be awarded in favor of the offended team, unless the opponent team is leading by a margin of more than 3 goals at the time of the offence or when the match comes to an comes to an end in which case the score will stand.

The release quoted Chairman Dulleh as saying that the LFA will not condone any acts of violence during league and cup matches at any time from officials, players or fans of any club.

Meanwhile, Dulleh has announced a meeting with officials of Mighty Barrolle to discuss the damages done to the ATS and the LFA’s ambulance by people reported to be fans of Mighty Barrolle.

Dulleh said the meeting with the Barrolle leadership will discuss the gravity of the damage before any further action is taken.


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