Bedell Tips for FC Fassell’s Top Post

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Newly promoted 1st division FC Fassell, as of May, last month has been under administrative and tactical overhauls to dramatically change its structure to be on par with other topflight clubs.

Two weeks ago, the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of its Board of Directors Cassell Kouh, Sr. announced that the club’s administration would be overhauled as part of a restructure to rebuild the team.

The club’s CEO hired the former technical manager of Nimba United Sam Chebli as Deputy Coach, while Deputy Coach Wilfred Sneh, alias Kojolo, was appointed Assistant Coach.

Mr. Paywala Janyan, the vice president for Public Affairs also has additional portfolio, as vice president for administration and Public Affairs.

In addition to the restructuring former Assistant Secretary General of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia (SWAL) Wleh Bedell has been tipped to the Secretary General post.

Bedell’s to-be appointment is owing to his vast experience in journalism and sports administration, which spans about a decade.

According to a source who begged for anonymity Bedell is expected to be hired for the smooth running of the club as the principal administrator.

“Bedell would be expected to carry out all of the administrative duties that enable the club, to function effectively,” the source said.

Fassell’s vice-president for administration and Public Affairs, Mr. Janyan neither denied nor confirmed the appointment, but said, “It is not to my knowledge.”

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