Bassa’s Fate Out Today

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Today, the Ministry of Youth and Sports is expected to rule in the protest against Grand Bassa County following the submission of findings by the Protest and Grievance Committee of the Liberia Football Association.

The ruling was held at the LFA headquarters on Benson Street over the weekend by the Grievance and Ethnics Committee, under Mr. Benedict Yarsiah and Ansu Dorley.
Nimba County has protested the fielding of alleged four illegal players from Bassa.

On Thursday, Nimba County Administrative Manager Musa Kromah complaint in a letter to the Ministry of Youth and Sports that Grand Bassa County played four illegal players which included Trokon Jackson, Sekou Bayoh, Jerry Wleh and William Freeman.

In the protest, Nimba County argued that Trokon Jackson with jersey number 22, is registered with a playing card# 12 with the name on the game’s sheet as Zizue Kollie, who is a 1st division player for Gardnersville FC, in the 1st division League.

The protest further said that goalie Sekou Blayoh – wearing jersey # 1, is a national team player, who plays for Mighty Barrolle, a 2nd division team; and Jerry Wleh (jersey # 3) is banned by the Liberia Football Association(LFA) for double registration with ELWA United and Hope FC.

There was absolutely nothing said about how player William Freeman was an illegal player.

“Mr. Chairman …this is a gross violation of the 2015/2016 National County Sports Meet which contradict article 12 section 14 of the National County Sports Meet which speaks about player eligibility,” Kromah wrote.

“No former or current national team player is allowed to partake in the national county sports meet; no former or current 1st division player is allowed to play in the National County Sports Meet in the football category; and not more than three 2nd division players should be registered.”

Unconfirmed reports filtering in from the Protest Hall at the LFA said Nimba County may have won the hearing.

Reports said Nimba County was represented by Cllr. Tiawon Gongloe and Floyd Tomah – Chairman on the County Steering Committee; while Grand Bassa was represented by Cllr. T.C. Gould and Superintendent Designate Levi Dermie, who is also Chairman of the County Steering Sports Committee.

It may be recalled that on Wednesday at the crowded ATS, football defending champions, Grand Bassa County whipped Nimba County, 4-2 in a lottery shot, after a 33-minute of pressure and entertaining football.

Wednesday’s goalless extra-time game in conclusion of Tuesday’s 90-minute match which was postponed owing to poor visibility, determined by referee Sam Kortee, the players and Match Commissioner Yanqueh Borsay.

Meanwhile, reports gathered indicated that Grand Bassa County may file an appeal to the Appeals Committee, headed by Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe if the result favors Nimba County.
Other report said Grand Bassa County might issue a writ of Injunction on the National County Sports.

But interesting with the presence of Justice in Chambers, Justice Kabineh J’anneh and the Chief Justice, hailing from Nimba, many are wondering whether a ‘football case’ will be accepted in court.


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