BASOSA Launching Tourney Completes Round 3


The official launching tournament of Bushrod and St. Paul Old Timers Sports Association (BASOSA) completed round three and moved into round four of the tournament.

The tournament is in two groups of six teams. In Group One are Veterans, Bob, Old Hands, Devereux, Cladosa and Logan Town.

In Group Two are Small Town, FOFA, Blohwein, KOSA, Banjor and Hour.

In the first round on Saturday, June 4, at the Unity Conference Center in Virginia, KOSA lost 1-2 to Hour; Old Hands lost 1-2 to Veterans; Blahwein lost 1-3 to FOFA; and Cladosa defeated Logan Town 1-0.

In the second round at the ETMI sports pitch in Caldwell, outside Monrovia, Old Hands defeated Devereux 3-1; Blohwein and KOSA settled to a 0-0; Hour defeated Small Town 2-0; FOFA and Banjor ended their game 1-1; Veterans lost 1-3 to Logan Town; and BOB defeated Cladosa 1-0.

The fourth round begins on Saturday, June 18 at the VOA Baby Ma Junction with the following pairings: Banjor v. Hour; Logan Town v. Devereaux; Old Hands vs. BOB; Small Town vs. FOFA.

On Sunday, June 19, at the Unity Conference Center: Cladosa vs. Old Hands; Hour vs. Blohwein; BOB vs. Logan Town; Banjor vs. Small Town; FOFA vs. KOSA; and Devereux vs. Veterans.

On June 25 at the ETMI sports pitch: Blohwein vs. Small Town; Devereux vs. BOB; KOSA vs. Banjor; Cladosa vs. Veterans; FOFA vs. Hour; and Logan Town vs. Old Hands.

The final games will be concluded on Sunday June 26 in Clara Town.


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