APM Terminals Defeat NPA 6-5

A tussle for the ball between APM_web.jpg


APM Terminals FC secured revenge against NPA in a friendly soccer match yesterday at the NPA sports pitch in Monrovia.

NPA had beaten their opponents 2-1 in a previous match and yesterday’s 6-5 squared things up, allowing the chance for the rivalry to remain. The question about the team with the upper hand in their rivalry still remains.

In yesterday’s match, the first half ended 2-2 and fireworks boiled over in the second half with each team scoring at will.

However, it became apparent that as the games moved into the dying minutes, APM Terminals FC held the midfield together while their strikers drew rings around NPA defenders, teaching their opponents some soccer lessons.

And this paid off when the winning goal came to give them the victory they needed to get even.

Another game is planned for next week Sunday, and many are asking if NPA will claim victory to assert their leadership role or whether APM Terminals FC are the new kings on the NPA pitch.

For the record, former NPA goal hunter Jonathan Armah Baxter was the center referee.


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