Amputee Football Federation of Africa Suspended

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In a statement issued to the president of the African body, copied to all member nations, the President of WAFF, Mr. Richard Hofmann, noted that, “After thorough research and due deliberation, the Executive Committee of the World Amputee Football Federation has determined that AFFA misrepresented its status upon initial application to become a WAFF Confederation, and that you (Mr. Sowah), personally, made false statements regarding the Association's status as recently as June 20, 2014.”

It went further to enumerate that the world federation realized that AFFA was not operating with a ratified constitution.

“As you know, a valid, ratified Constitution was a primary condition of acceptance. We have determined that your Constitution has not been ratified, and that your organization is therefore not qualified to be a WAFF Confederation,” the release stated.

Quoting minutes of the AFFA executive meeting held in Accra (Ghana) in November, Hofmann indicated that there was no truth in the representation that the constitution was ratified and this, according to him, had been supported by other executives of AFFA.

“The WAFF Executive Committee has therefore voted to suspend AFFA's affiliation with our organization. The fact of the suspension is non-negotiable, though conditional reinstatement may be possible at some point in the future,” Mr. Hoffman said.

This implies that until AFFA fulfills certain conditions, its activities, including competitions, and decisions would not be recognized or respected by WAFF.  “Tournaments and events sanctioned by AFFA will not be recognized by WAFF,” Hofmann said in the statement.

However, he explained that, “AFFA's suspension has no effect, however, on the status of any WAFF Member-in-Good-Standing.  It is worthy of note that WAFF Members are not obligated to become AFFA members, nor may they be denied membership in AFFA.”

The Executive Body of WAFF detected that the constitution of AFFA had not been ratified, making it ineligible to remain a member of WAFF.

In reaction, an official of the Liberia Amputee Football and Sports Association expressed concern about the decision and told the Daily Observer yesterday that they are making contact with AFFA officials in Accra, Ghana to regain membership.


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