A Way Forward for Sports in 2014

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After a review of sporting activities in the year 2013, one conclusion that can be drawn is that Liberian sports must do better.

True, Liberian sports can do better, and like all things that involve in the development of our country, there is a high optimism that Liberian sports can do better.

But to want to do better is a decision that we must take to be able to do better. But the most important aspect of the willingness to do better, in any event, involves positive actions we must take to do better.

Interestingly, the Liberia Football Association has committed Liberia to participate in all CAF and FIFA competitions. There is the need for the Government of Liberia participation and blessing a five year development plan to revive Liberian soccer.

The plan, I am told, has been reviewed with several individuals who have expressed the hope that with government’s blessing, Liberian football will see some life, from now on.

To ensure the success of the five-year plan much work needs to be done. There must be a serious commitment from the technical team, and its counterparts.

There must be money, and it means that there must some financial commitment to ensure that the plan will work.

For example, having registered the female national team to participate in the CAF and World Cup tournaments, means we must prepare the team.

Success to participate in sports is no accident. We must have a conscious plan, something tangible to work with. If we want success, which was the reason to register the team, then we must begin to unfold our plan.

We must prepare and in sports, such as in life, success and doing the best is the result of hard work. If you want success then you must understand what success means and then be prepared to work for it.

Our desire for success in the coming year must be based on the past poor results of our teams in the various competitions.

Consider the World Cup participation and how well we did; look at the Confederation Cup and the rest of the competitions, and even the WAFU invitational tournament that a select side of the national team participated in Ghana.

Once again, look at the poor results of the LPRC-Oilers in the basketball finals of the FIBA tournament in Tunisia. The poor results should provide us a way forward and to be committed to do what can make our teams do better.

Truly, success in sports means hard work and training. It means discipline from the playing team and it also demand resources to motivate the players. Once we are aware of what we need to do and get that accomplished, there is a high chance that this year’s sports fortunes will be better.

This readiness must affect all sports. There was once a wonderful sport called boxing which has lost its existence, and now languishing in oblivion because there are not men enough to lead it. Perhaps knowing that the late South African President, Nelson Mandela, was once a boxer should motivate Liberian boxers to do better.

Overall, the desire to do better this year must be the guiding principle in the search for glories in sports in 2014.



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