1,000 Ivorian Fans Coming for Match against Liberia

There will be 6,000 fans at the Antoinette Tubman .jpg

The Ivorian football authorities have informed the Liberia Football Association that they are bringing 1,000 fans to cheer their national team in their 2018 World Cup clash against Liberia on November 14.

LFA president Musa Bility, speaking at the Ministry of Information regular press briefing yesterday, said he informed the Ivorian officials that “we don’t have security for such people.”

He said “We are negotiating with them because we can’t afford to provide security for them.”

Bility said due to the nature of the game, the LFA would allow only 6,000 fans on the field. He said the Antoinette Tubman Stadium, the venue of the game, can host 12,000 fans but it is presently under renovation and therefore it could only take 6,000.

He said the decision came from discussions from the Ministry of Public Works.

To help in the reduction of fans to the game and to avoid unforeseen circumstances, Bility said the LFA has begun discussions with security agencies in the country to provide adequate protection for officials, fans and players for the game that day.

“We have also increased the cost of tickets. Spectators will now pay U$10 for around the field; U$75 for around the VIP and U$500 for VIP. All VIP tickets are sold out,” he said.

Bility complained that “There are some people want to have free entrance to the game. These people include government officials. We need to desist from said attitude and support the national team by paying to go to the game.”

Bility said, “We’re taking the above security measures to avoid any fine from the world football controlling body, FIFA.

“Our people are not behaving well during our games, especially for the past four years. We have been fined game after game. Their behaviors let us to know that no amount of security can stop these bad attitudes of the people, particularly our supporters,” he explained.

He said in the last two games, officers of the Liberia National Police have performed well in assisting the Liberia Football control huge crowd.

He meanwhile called on the various religious groups to join the national team in prayers, “Your prayer is key to the national team’s victory, especially when Liberia faces the champion of Africa.”


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